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Presented by: Ukraine Harmony Foundation and Film Hive Entertainment

Theatrical hit, a comedy with elements of fantasy and improvisation performed by top Ukrainian stars, all in the Ukrainian language:

Irma Vitovska— Honored Artist of Ukraine. Perhaps the most famous, recognizable, and beloved Ukrainian actress. Winner of the “Golden Duke”, “Cinema Circle”, “Golden Dzyga”, and other awards. Gained popularity thanks to her role in the cult series “Lesya+Roma”. Since then, Irma’s name has never disappeared from theater posters and film posters. Public figure, thought leader, volunteer.

Oleksiy Hnatkovsky — Honored Artist of Ukraine. Director, theater and film actor. Positions himself exclusively as a theater actor. Performances featuring him always await crowds of fans. Although he received numerous invitations to star in films, he always declined. The only exception he made was for the famous director Oles Sanin and played the role of Ivan Dovbush in the film “Dovbush”. Because “those are his mountains, and he is the master there”. After which his talent quickly conquered the hearts of Ukrainians around the world. Volunteer, public figure, activist.

Plot: At the center of the play is a strong, beautiful, and confident woman! She has a wonderful job, money… everything except love… or even just a man. One beautiful evening… she saw an ad saying that the ideal man can only be grown… even at home!

Why you should go:
– It’s a relevant comedy with a tumultuous finale.
– Improvisation and audience involvement.
– Favorite actors.
– Sharp jokes.
– Modern presentation.
– Eternal questions of love.

This is a new beginning for Ukrainian theatrical history in Canada! Be its witness!
**DOORS OPEN: 18:30 | PERFORMANCE START: 19:30** Ages 14+

Playwrights: Oleksiy Buratinsky, Davis Kolbergs, Oleksiy Hnatkovsky.
Producer: Davis Kolbergs (“What Men Keep Silent About, or Wildman FOREVER”)

September 19 @ 6:30 pm 8:30 pm

Tickets: $90 – $140